Is your Roof missing this critical Component?

Is your roof missing this critical component? When it’s the perfect time to mount a new roof system on your home, the roofing companies ought to clarify at length all the work they’ll be carrying out, as well as what the different components that are going on the roof so that you can comprehend the overall purchase and procedures involved to make it a successful job.

Throughout the roof shopping process you will likely hear some key phrases, jargon, or component names that you might not be acquainted with. One of them is likely to be the “Drip Edge” and it occasionally can go by other names but every roof installer will know what you mean if you ask about it. In the event that you are not familiar with Drip Edge, it’s purpose, or why you should have drip edge installed on your home, you have come to the Right Place! The team at ContractingPRO are here for you, to get an explanation on every component or process involved in roof replacement or repair. If you prefer learning with a real person present, and getting a personalized explanation customized to your house and it’s needs please Schedule A Roofing Consultation Now!

What is Drip Edge?

Quite simply the Drip Edge is a thin band of flashing, a non-staining, non-rusting galvanized steel which is put around the eaves of your home any time a roofing specialist is replacing the roof on your house. It is a durable material that is employed in a similar fashion as the flashing around fireplaces and skylights.

What is the Purpose of Drip Edge?

The main objective is to avoid moisture from getting behind the eaves or “gutters” that direct rain water away from your home. We do not get a lot of ice dams in Memphis but it DOES happen from time to time and can also be an added layer of protection against that as well. What can happen is as water is shed from your roof, it can actually creep back off the end layer of shingle and find it’s way behind your gutters. If you are lucky, all it does is drip onto the ground. Not idea for the foundation of your home, and it can also be a nuisance when it drips on your sidewalks or your head.

Worse, however, is when the water doesn’t simply drip onto the ground but finds it’s way into your fascia and soffit, and even info the walls. Since the water will always try to flow down with gravity, in many cases we have seen water that was intended to go into a gutter, end up rotting walls, fascia boards, trusses, and even ruin siding and stucco. All because of a lack of a simple and affordable roof upgrade!

How do ContractingPRO roof teams install it?

Skilled roofing companies mount the drip before installing starter shingle or deck base underlayment, during a roof replacement. It is fastened to the roof with galvanized nails or staples every few feet and cut to wrap around the roof and fit tightly to the end of the roof deck and be long enough to direct water into the gutters. After the drip is installed, it is overlapped with a deck base material so that water cannot get under the drip edge, and then a row of starter shingles is installed before finally fastening your new shingles and covering the remainder of your roof deck.

How does it add life to my Roof?

Great Question! Drip Edge when left uninstalled can frequently result in water damage issues that can result in expensive roof repairs or replacement purely for the purpose of remedying the issue. In many cases a roof would likely have lasted 5 more years, the shingles had just began to curl down at the lower edge and allow the water to drip into the fascia and begin damaging the roof. Unfortunately installing drip edge on an old roof will usually do more harm than good, so it is not something that you can do once it is “Too Late” and for this reason:


If you plan on owning your home for 15-25 years and then selling, this simple addition could save you from having to replace a roof once again before you sell your home. If you would like to see how much it would cost to have Drip Edge added to your next roof replacement schedule a roof inspection with one of our Roofing Experts Now!