How SureNail Shingles can Help

 It’s not every day that a shingle blows off your roof, but when it does, you probably hope that it would fall on your front door step right? Of course it would be best if the shingles, you know, stayed on the roof where they belong but if blown off shingles were a fact of life it would be nice to know when it happens right?

Well that is not always the case, in most cases they land somewhere else on the roof or get caught in gutters, neighbours trees, or only get half ripped and stay attached but causing some kind of odd water flow issue on your house roof.

So if those shingles do not land directly on your doorstep for you to be alerted to the now exposed hole in your roof, it could lead to a huge problem down the road. When you notice a piece of roofing material on the ground it is important to Call a roofing contractor right away. There is no “Extra” roof material on your home. Every inch of your roof covering is installed with a purpose and cut to measure. If your roof was installed the PRO way with a total protection system including underlayment, you are certainly in a better position because there is an added layer of waterproofing in the form of membranes and ice and water shield.

However this is a commonly overlooked factor in roof construction, especially on new builds and should never be expected unless you are sure of the components installed.

Can’t this just be prevented!?

Absolutely! This has been a common problem with the engineering of shingles, and the installation for decades and finally someone has come up with a solution to the problem of blown off shingles!

Typically the polymers, asphalt, and granules used in the construction of shingles have been pursuing great waterproofing and shingle life but the problem is that as you make a shingle more rubbery and malleable, it doesn’t get any stronger. If the wind gets under a shingle it’s still just as easy to pull the shingle of, slowly tear a bigger and bigger hole around the nail and eventually come off. That is the biggest misconception about blown off shingles, it doesn’t start the day of a big storm! It starts with the installation, if the tabs are not totally sealed down to the layer below, you will be at risk of a blow off. Then over time, the shingle gets more and more worn down and eventually a bigger storm rips it right off.

Then someone at Owens Corning got a GREAT idea, what if they engineered something that is not focused around improving waterproofing but instead of increasing the strength of the shingle? Introducing SureNail! By embedding a reinforced mesh in the nailing zone, any nail driven through is now locking that shingle in place! If wind finds its way under the shingle edge, it might flab but thanks to the mesh a nail cannot rip through the shingle.

That’s it?

Not in the least! There were some awesome benefits to following this train of thought. The second most common reason for blown off shingles is when installers improperly fasten the shingle to the roof by nailing either too high, or too low. Adding the SureNail strip forced a larger common bond area, which makes the nailing zone easier to hit, and with a giant white mesh strip installed it became even easier to see during the busy roof installation environment.

In addition to that, the sealant the underside of the shingle installed next, seeps into the mesh and provides an incredible adhesive area that locks shingles in place. Combining all these awesome benefits gets you an incredible high wind warranty and weather proofing that cannot be matched in the industry!

What about the installation?

That is the best part! Not only does it perform better, but with only 4 nails required to get this high wind warranty it is a GREAT option for home owners looking for great value! Because the shingle is dream for our installers! It is built specifically to work with Owens Corning Total Protection system, including the installation lines on their underlayments, guides on Starter Shingles, and the options for ridge cap shingles and appearances. This means that when it is installed together by a Platinum Preferred installation you get a manufacturer guarantee on our workmanship AND the best warranty in the business!

Be sure to book a Consultation right away if you have any concerns about your roof and missing shingles!