Your bathroom serves one of the most basic purposes in your home, and you probably spend more time there than you do in other rooms. When thinking about a bathroom renovation, you will be tempted to restrict yourself to colors, patterns, and lighting. 

However, there's more to renovating or redesigning your bathroom. Textures add a layer of definition and depth to your bathroom surfaces, transforming your old bathroom into a luxury bath. You will no longer have a flat and boring bath space with the right texture application. In this article, you learn how to revamp your bathroom by adding texture to your bath and shower walls. 

Textured Acrylic Tile Walls and Fresh Accent Trims

Many homeowners think that playing up your walls stops at painting, wallpaper, or hanging up decorations. Thankfully, you can do more with your walls with fun accent tile walls of different designs and shapes. At ContractingPRO, we offer bathroom remodeling services that include the best wall panel patterns, colors, and design styles from Bath Planet. These tile wall patterns give you the luxurious look of high-end ceramic tile without requiring high maintenance. Our simulated tiles are low maintenance, easy to clean, and can be applied to most custom wall colors. 

Textured Accent Tile 

Tiles are a great and easy way to upgrade your bathroom with texture. One of our best performers, Sant Fe Listello Accent Trim, is a stunning tile design that can be used to accent smooth and patterned walls. Our design experts provide you with various design solutions and unique colors to build your dream bathroom. 

Switch Up Your Mirrors Frame

If you have a mirror in your bathroom, it probably comes with an installer-grade or store-grade frame. Try switching things up by replacing your existing bathroom mirror with a texture-framed mirror. 

Consider Mats and Rugs

Don't forget your bathroom floor when revamping your bath space. Rugs and foot mats are a great way to accentuate details on the floor. Choose fluffy floor mats or other textured mats. Mats and rugs come in various lengths, cuts, styles, and textures, so you can have all the fun finding what suits your taste. 

Towels and Curtains

As simple as it might sound, swapping out your plain colored or patterned curtains and towels might do the trick. While curtains are made to add some privacy to your bathroom and towels are for drying off, they can certainly do that and add to your aesthetic. Choose textured curtains and towels to place in key spots in your bathroom.

Textured Accessories 

Bring in plants, baskets, a towel rail, robe hooks, and other small accessories with texture to upgrade your bathroom and take it from basic to fabulous. 

ContractingPRO works with some of the finest bathroom remodeling and design experts to help our clients achieve the bathrooms of their dreams. Contact us for bathroom remodeling, roofing, window, siding, and gutter guard installation services, and take advantage of our free consultation or quote now.