Clawfoot tubs and furniture-style vanities are lovely—but they aren’t the right choice for a modern bathroom. Instead, clean lines, marble walls, and neutral colors rule the day. No matter the size or current style of your bathroom, transforming it into one with contemporary flair is easier than you might think.

Color Options

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing colors for a modern bathroom. Neutral colors are great, but you can add pops of color—such as a tile accent wall—if that better suits your personality.

Simple Lines

Bulky, ornate features usually aren’t the best choice in a modern bathroom. Instead opt for clean lines in your toilet, shower, vanity, and lighting.

Open Shelving

Instead of bulky cabinets, consider storing towels and other items on open shelving. Whether built-in or hung, open shelving looks great in a contemporary bathroom.

Tubs and Showers

Some of the updates mentioned above, such as painting or installing shelving, can be completed as DIY projects. When it comes to the wet areas, however, it’s time to call in the professional bathroom remodelers.

One trend in modern bathrooms is an open replacement shower. The shower may feature a glass wall that covers half of the shower or full sliding doors. Step-in showers lend to the clean look many try to achieve in a contemporary space.

If you still want a tub, there are options that fit into a contemporary space. You could go for a tub/shower combo or opt for a tub with a separate shower.

When a bathroom has a tub that doesn’t suit your vision, a tub-to-shower conversion is a fast, affordable way to get the sleeker style you want.

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