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Memphis Roofing Companies

Sooner or later, every homeowner will have an encounter with a door-to-door roofing contractor who promises perfect repairs for pennies on the dollar. And when you have storm damage that needs to get addressed right away, they can feel like a godsend.

However, it usually isn’t until after their repairs get completed that homeowners begin to see they were ripped off. Whether the contractor didn’t know what they were doing or provides merely shoddy work, you often receive what you pay for when it comes to roofing companies, in Memphis or anywhere else.

Instead, ContractingPro provides complete roofing and exterior repairs, as well as helping to educate more Memphis TN residents about what to look out for with roofers. Choosing the wrong service provider can wind up costing you a fortune in fixing what they did, and you could wind up losing your insurance in the process.

Allow us to take you through the warning signs of scam roofing contractors so that you never need to worry about getting had again. And once you better understand what makes a better roofing contractor, you can always hire us for all your maintenance needs.

Signs of Unqualified Roofers

In some regards, hiring a roofing contractor can feel a lot like dating. You have to weed through their best behavior and pick up on the white lies they use to sell themselves to you.

However, the right set of questions will send the wrong ones packing up fast. For starters, ask them how long they have been in business, but make sure that they aren’t referring only to how long they, individually, have been working on roofs.

After they floundered about when the company was supposedly founded, ask them for licensing, insurance, and other certification documents. If they can’t prove that they are a professional service provider, then that usually means that they are not.

Even if they happen to wear a uniform, these can be purchased at any professional supply shop. If they still insist on trying to win you over, ask about their warranty program.

There are other metrics to judge a contractor by as well, but these should be your first line of defense. Always be sure to go with your gut and shut the door as soon as you feel uncomfortable speaking with them.

Did You Get a Bad Repair?

Unfortunately, a certified roofing contractor might have all the necessary paperwork in order and still not repair your roof correctly. It likely will be a few weeks until you can notice the lack of quality achieved.

You often won’t be able to find areas where water is entering the home until after the next thunderstorm or snowfall. Once you see black spots on top of the roof or yellow patches on your ceilings, you will quickly realize the truth.

Another red flag is when the front of the roof facing the road looks picture perfect, but the other half looks awful. All too often poor-quality roofers put on a good show and hastily leave once they get paid.

You may notice that the way that they are installing your new roof, or its repairs, differs from the way your friends’ or family members’ roof repair was handled. That is because each state and region of the country has specific policies in place regarding roofing nails, and any deviation leaves your home at risk.

If something appears “off” during their completion, don’t be afraid to speak up. And if they aren’t going to install your roof the way that they should, you should feel empowered enough to fire them at any point.

What Should My Roofing Job Include?

In addition to licensing and insurance, what should your contractor provide on your job? To begin with, you should ask them to provide a portfolio of past work or at least professional references.

Although a new roofer might not have their clientele built up yet, do you want to be their first guinea pig? A better-established company will likely cost a little more, but at least you can know that they are the real deal.

A professional service will also include two separate warranties, one from their company covering their work and one from the roofing manufacturer. If you only receive one or none at all, then they aren’t a certified contractor.

Finally, before you agree to hire them, take down their company’s physical address and drive by it. If it isn’t a commercial building space, they may be someone driving around neighborhoods in a van.

Although you should always check online reviews, keep in mind that these can be falsified. Make sure you thoroughly research your potential contractor before signing a service contract.

How Should I Screen Contractors?

Locating a quality roofer does more than give you a better-completed repair job. Ensuring that they carry coverage that a business should, like workman’s comp, will prevent you from any potential liability.

You should begin the screening process with their website first. If they don’t have at minimum a free social media page, they likely aren’t a certified professional.

While you can check with the Better Business Bureau, they don’t have as much clout as you would think that they would. You may, instead, want to check with your local Secretary of State to figure out if they are a registered company.

When checking online reviews, pull from several different sites and not just theirs. While on their homepage, be sure to see if they have their contractor licensing number at the bottom of the page, as it should get displayed there.

Choose the Best in Memphis TN Roofing

If someone knocks on your door and pressures you for a “yes” right then and there, it means that they don’t want you taking a moment to think about it. Instead, you could have the best in local Memphis roofing contractors by hiring us instead.

We remain the expert choice in complete roofing repairs, as well as siding, windows, and many other services. Hire ContractingPro today and know for sure that you’re getting better quality.