When you are looking to resell your home, ContractingPRO suggests you pick a neutral color. There is nothing worse than a new buyer walking into a home and seeing old paint that is very specific to one person's style. All buyers see are money signs on top of the cost of buying your home. For a fast and easy return on your home's investment, pick a color that is pleasing to the eye for the majority of people.

Our expert design team suggests it is best to pick a color that makes your space look larger and amplifies any of the natural light coming in. When you are looking at a bathroom space you may not have any natural light, but adding a bright fresh coat of paint can go a long way. You can also update your entire space with a fresh new shower replacement! Here are 5 bright neutral colors that can bring a sense of peace to your bathroom. 

Pure White

If your shower surround is a fun pattern or has a lot of texture to them, painting your bathroom pure white is always a great idea. It will help your bathroom shower become a centerpiece and show off your amazing bathroom remodel. When you paint your wall pure white it also gives you the option to decorate your bathroom with other colors using plants and wall decor.


Alabaster is a neutral color that can go with every design, especially one that compliments the natural elements. If your new tub-to-shower conversion was put in with a sand or natural stone like pattern, this wall color would be a fantastic addition. 

Simply White

Simply white is not as bright as pure white, but it still offers that neutral color pallet. If you already have a lot going on in your bathroom with your shower surrounds or your bathroom decor, this paint color will help brighten the space and keep buyers from feeling overwhelmed with too much texture. 

Dove White

Dove white is a great mixture between bright and warm without being too vibrant on your bathroom's walls. This is another great option that our designers suggest if you want to add color in other ways around your bathroom.


If you already have white trim in your bathroom, or you have a beautiful walk-in-bathtub that should be a show stopping piece in your bathroom, picking a cream-based color can help make your custom bathroom pop. A cream color can also add warmth to your bathroom and make it look great for resale.

At ContractingPRO we would love to help you design your perfect bathroom. Call us today for a free bathroom consultation and estimate.